Kodak Ektar 100

While I’ve recently got my hands on some Fuji Superia 400 to run through the new (to us) 35mm point and shoots we’ve picked up at thrift stores, I have been a bit behind in getting film developed.

I had a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 that I sent off to North Coast Photographic Services, who turned around in their usual efficient manner.

I usually shoot positive slide film, so I am a little out of touch with print film. I was pleased with the color response and dynamic range of the Ektar. When there is a strong light source (e.g the sun) in front of the camera, I noticed some glaring - but that could easily be the old Canon AE-1 Program.

Slight flaring around the tree; and a general coldness to the photo.

I’m so used to the warm tones of Fuji Velvia, so I was rather pleased with how Ektar portrays blue tones, without being cold. I’d call it well balanced:

The park at Seneca Lake

Even indoors, where 100 ISO film might begin to falter, the colors and clarity are excellent (I do not recall the camera settings for this shot, but it was shot without a tripod, so the shutter could not have been too slow):

Mashed potatoes at Christmas

The contrast in the interior shot may be slightly lacking, but it’s a very visually rich photo.

Outdoors the film shines and the colors pop. This spring photo from a couple of years ago really pulls in the dots of dandelions against the green field. The whole thing is accented by the magenta of the crabapple tree and the delicate white of the cherry tree in the background.. I’m really happy with this film overall and will definitely be keeping several rolls on hand.